The event recording for the webinar "Kinship Care: the Need for Recognition" is now available!

You can watch the event below. Activate English, Spanish and Arabic subtitles by selecting the "settings" options in the video.


During this event, we learned what kinship care looks like in different contexts and why recognising it is so important. We heard from frontline practitioners in Egypt, Ethiopia and Paraguay about the different ways that kinship care is used to reintegrate children from institutional care and life on the street.

Thank you to our panelists:

  • Dr Abla El-Badry, General Director & a Board Member of Hope Village Society
  • Alejandra Rodríguez, Director of Enfoque Niñez
  • Tesfaye Ebabuye, Program Officer for Forum on Sustainable Child Empowerment (or FSCE), in Ethiopia.

As well as our moderator:  Suzanne Clulow, Child Advocacy Programme Manager at the Children in Distress Network (CINDI)