BICON 2021 | Tackling unnecessary family separation in Asia


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Tackling unnecessary family separation in Asia

This session will start with a 5-minute plenary, then the participants will be split between the following breakout workshop groups:

  1. Family strengthening
  2. Inclusion towards prevention
  3. Preventing the separation of families on the move and emergency settings

Learn more about the breakout sessions below.


  • Otto Sestak, Head of Learning and Engagement, Hope and Homes for Children

Family strengthening

Join experts from India and Thailand to discuss innovative approaches to family strengthening and community-level safeguarding. During this session the experts will discuss how their organisations are working with governments and communities to address issues that often lead to separation of families, including mental health, migration, education and child protection.


  • Sumantra Mukherjee, State Coordinator, Child in Need Institute (CINI), Jharkhand
  • Rita Panicker, Founder and Director, Butterflies India
  • Chanthana (Nang) Le Mouellic , Friends International
  • Lopamudra Mullick, Program Manager: Child Protection, Child in Need Institute (CINI), Jharkhand


  • Mark Riley, technical Lead, India, Hope and Homes for Children

Inclusion towards prevention

Around the world, children with disabilities remain overrepresented in alternative care, particularly in residential institutions. Institutional care jeopardizes these children’s development and wellbeing and denies them their right to a family life.

Our expert panel will discuss how we can ensure inclusive care reform, prevent unnecessary separation, and better support children and families with disabilities. We’ll learn about innovative examples from across Asia and explore the potential to scale and adapt these promising practices.


  • Michelle Wang, Beijing Rongai Rongle Family Support Center for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, China
  • Iftekhar Ahmed, Director, Centre for Services and Information on Disability (CSID), Bangladesh
  • Aigeram Mussabalinova, School of Postgraduate Education, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan


  • Robbie Wilson, Head of Partnerships and Learning, Lumos

Preventing the separation of families on the move and emergency settings

Expert panel sharing examples of successful family reunification and strengthening interventions in the context of forced displacement, migration, trafficking and emergencies.


  • Emiel Coltof, Senior Research Officer, Lumos, UK
  • Kimberly Quinley, Director, Step Ahead Thailand
  • Taslima Begum, Case management specialist, Save the Children, Bangladesh


  • Amanda Griffith, CEO, Family for Every Child, UK

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