BICON 2021 | Children with disabilities in the Care System

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Day 2 - Opening session

The following will be covered in this session:

  • Housekeeping reminders
  • Day 1 highlights
  • Promotion of key sessions


  • Andrea Nave, CEO, Forget me Not (Australia)

Children with disabilities in the care system 

Discussions about success and good practice, challenges and improved pathways for children with disabilities in Asia. How can Governments, CSOs, donors and stakeholders address the issues to strengthen, scale and adapt for best practice and family-based care.


  • Radhika Alkazi, Founding member and managing trustee of ASTHA (India)
  • Professor Irwanto, PhD, MSc, Center for Disability Studies (Indonesia)
  • Alia Zureikat, Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (HCD) (Jordan)

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