EN/SP - The importance of supporting mental health in children's care - part 2

Georgina Etheridge
Georgina Etheridge
Language: English
Spanish interpretation available

Why is it so important to consider mental health and emotional well-being in child care and child protection? How can we address mental health needs in a non-clinical environment? What are some of the tried and tested approaches to supporting the mental health of vulnerable children?

Join us for the 2nd in our series of 3 webinars focusing on mental health. Four Family for Every Child member organisations will share their experiences and perspectives, building on discussions from our last webinar:

  • Jennifer Cueva - CPTCSA (Philippines) - will talk us through CPTCSA's interventions for sexually abused children below the age of 18 years, which will include CPTCSA's approach to healing through counselling and building interpersonal relations.
  • Angel Rojas Garzón & Leonardo Velazquez - JUCONI (Mexico) - will share how Juconi supports children with their emotional needs within their family contexts, creating safe spaces and building relationships.
  • Caryn Onions - Mulberry Bush (UK) - will share how staff at their therapeutic school and children's home are trained to help children understand their feelings as the bedrock for good mental health.
  • Stella Duque - Taller de Vida (Colombia) - will explain how art therapy and creative, participatory experiences can support good mental health.

If you are interested in how we can support mental health, please join us! After the speaker presentations, we will invite you to share your own experiences and practices.

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