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We’re a global community of local changemakers working with vulnerable children and families.  

Join this Family for Every Child powered online community to exchange knowledge, discuss and solve problems, access resources and opportunities, and build connections across the sector. 


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Learn more about Changemakers for Children and how you can get involved in this social network for Child Rights practitioners. 

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Care during COVID-19

A community of practice to support your organisation's COVID-19 response and recovery.

Rise Learning Network

A community aimed at promoting learning on Recovery and Reintegration approaches that improve outcomes for children and adolescents affected by sexual exploitation.

The power of civil society: Hear from local practitioners 

In the following video series, practitioners from across the world share examples of how inter-country CSO collaborations and practice exchange are leading to better outcomes for children. Watch below then start collaborating yourself by joining one of our communities of practice. 

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This platform and the Care During COVID-19 Community of Practice was generously funded by the the GHR Foundation

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