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Care during COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought with it both risks and opportunities related to children’s care and protection. Risks that hard fought child welfare reforms could be undermined and the political will to prioritise transition into family based care may disappear. Opportunities to highlight the importance of planned closure of institutions, to develop high quality family-based alternative care, and to support kinship carers and care provision for children on the move. 

Care during COVID-19 is a space for local civil society organisations involved in children’s care to engage on emerging issues related to COVID-19 response and recovery, and work together to help protect hard-fought gains in children’s rights. This community aims to facilitate discussion and learning exchange, as well as identify common issues, advocacy opportunities and programmes to pilot to support children and their families during the pandemic. 

There are several groups that are part of this community:

  • Care-related issues and updates: This is our most general group, where we can share information about care-connected issues, as well as access information on country updates and emerging child protection issues
  • Children in Families: The COVID-19 pandemic has brought stressors for families that could lead to family separation. This group’s focus is on enabling safe and caring families, and preventing family separation,  in the context of COVID-19. 
  • Children in Alternative Care: Learn more about how to support and protect children in a range of alternative care settings in this group, and the unique challenges and considerations that COVID-19 brings.
  • Children outside of care: Learn more about how you can take steps to prevent children living outside of adult care, and in the interim, how to support and protect children without appropriate care.
  • Reintegrating children back to families: The pandemic has also created new challenges related to reintegrating separated children back to families. Learn more about other organisations’ responses and access advice. 

Join Care During COVID-19 to start contributing to this community, as we work to protect and move forward children’s rights during the pandemic. 

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RISE Learning Network

The RISE Learning Network aims to promote and facilitate learning on Recovery and Reintegration (R&R) approaches that improve outcomes for children and adolescents affected by sexual exploitation (CSE).

The sexual exploitation of children is a global yet still largely hidden problem. It has devastating long-term impacts on children’s physical, mental and reproductive health and social wellbeing, as well as their education and ability later to find work and safe relationships in supportive communities. It can leave them stigmatised, ostracised, without support or choices and vulnerable to further exploitation. Improving outcomes for children affected by CSE requires a holistic, flexible and individualised response.

The RISE Learning Network aims to increase knowledge and strengthen practice and policy by developing an open, vibrant, locally accessible global learning network.

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