New Podcast! The Power of Civil Society Series Episode 2 - The Strength of Research

Nicole  Ristic
Nicole Ristic Family for Every Child • 30 August 2021

Join Amanda Griffith, CEO of Family for Every Child in conversation with Suzanne Clulow from the Children in Distress Network (known as CINDI), in South Africa. CINDI is a diverse network of over 250 South African civil society organisations championing the rights of vulnerable children and their families.

Suzanne and Amanda discuss a joint research project that CINDI were involved in with two other Family for Every Child members, which looked at the linkages between social protection and children’s care in Sub-Saharan Africa. Suzanne shares her insights into the project and together with Amanda discusses why collaborating on a research project brings added value for local CSOs.

In our Power of Civil Society mini-series, we are looking at the positive outcomes that occur when civil society organisations come together and collaborate. This series supports the launch of Changemakers for Children, our online platform that aims to create a strong, global community of civil society organisations to create lasting change for children around the world.