Join The New CPHA Community

filipemeirelles Family for Every Child • 6 January 2022

A new Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPHA) community of practice has been launched on Changemakers for Children, to support better connection, communication and practice exchange in the CPHA community.

The community is moderated by The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action and Global Child Protection Area of Responsibility (Global CP AoR), under the vision of a world in which children are protected from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence in humanitarian settings. The two organisations came together to facilitate this Community of Practice, with the support of Family for Every Child via the Changemakers for Children platform.

The community of practice aims to provide a safe, online space for practitioners to connect, communicate, and share resources and experiences to reach better protection outcomes for children. Specifically, it:

  • Is open and welcoming to all child protection practitioners
  • Encourages peer support, experience sharing, and learning
  • Encourages formal and informal resource sharing

Join now

If you need support to access the CPHA community, reach out to the community moderators here, or email