At JUCONI we work with children and families living in extreme poverty in the state of Puebla to break the intergenerational cycle of violence. We use the participatory method of Digital Storytelling (DST) to help children build a narrative around a particular life experience.

Through DST children create stories with a combination of text, images, animation, audio recordings and music which results in each child producing a short film of 2-5 minutes. 

We were involved in Family for Every Child's first DST project in 2014, which gathered insights into children and caregivers’ perspectives on family care and care outside of families. Since then we have run 11 DST workshops with more than 50 children, integrating the technique into our therapeutic and participatory approach of working with children and families.

  • DST projects begin with a specific question for children to respond to during a facilitative group process
  • Participants learn video editing skills and experiment with different artistic approaches
  • The process usually brings up emotions for the children which gives JUCONI insights into their experiences
  • The films are powerful tools for facilitating communication between children and their families.

DST enables JUCONI to learn more about children’s experiences and their family situations.

Our DST projects are delivered by a specialised team who are equipped to support participants with the issues that come up, and who are trained in the ethical and safeguarding protocol.

You can learn more about our work with DST via the attached documents and our animation video (Spanish and English versions). Do you have experience with this or a similar tool? We'd love to hear your thoughts and perspectives. Please share your comments below.


The attached resources are part of the How We Care series, an innovative space for those working with children and families to share practice. By practitioners, for practitioners. You can also download the full package of learning, including resources from 2 other Family members, here.