Changemakers for Children is building an open, collaborative, global movement of people working in local civil society to improve the lives of children and families around the world. We believe that by working together and sharing knowledge, we can ensure more children benefit from positive practices. Here’s more information on how you can start using the platform to do just that.

AgendaSet the agenda:

We invite you to share your calls to action with the community about the challenges you want to solve. This could be anything from getting others involved in your campaigns or advocacy work, or prompting discussion on how to solve an issue you’re facing. We want to hear from you about how you want to make changes for children and help connect you to others working in the same space.


  • Decide who you want to share to: You can share your ideas to a specific community of practice, or to the whole community if you want to create an open-call. 
  • How to share: Post your idea to the stream, it’s just like using other social media platforms like Facebook. You also might want to consider sharing longer opportunities as an article - you can do this by adding a topic. Learn more here
  • A moderator will see your idea, and help connect others who may be interested. 


lightbulbExchange knowledge:

Make a difference to even more children and families by sharing your practice and by learning from others.

  • Explore our knowledge library for the latest resources and information on others’ practices in models, especially How We Care which documents local knowledge through learning series, practitioner guidance papers, podcasts and events. Explore here.
  • Ask follow-up questions on resources, or share insights from your own context for others to learn from. You can post questions on any resource, or join specific discussions here
  • Join a community of practice and start connecting and sharing with other individuals working on the same issues as you
  • You can self-post articles about your own practices, or start your own discussions (learn how here)

fist in the airStrengthen approaches:

Use the platform to connect with others and develop new ways of working.

  • Use the platform to exchange knowledge with others as outlined above, and learn about different models and approaches that could apply to your own work.
  • Search our database to network with platform users. You can filter based on expertise, interests and even location. Get connecting here.

two people with jigsaw Take collaborative action:

You can use this platform to launch or participate in joint actions and campaigns across borders.

  • Search for current opportunities listed on the platform. Jump to our resource library here for open opportunities, or join specific groups to be kept up to date with joint opportunities.
  • Share your ideas for collaborative action by helping set the agenda (see above for how to do this)


Attend online events:

Access a wide range of webinars and workshops on diverse topics directly relevant to your work. 

  • See upcoming webinars here. Just click on the ‘Enroll’ button to join the event. You will be able to join the event directly from this event listing once enrolled. 
  • Explore how we can support your event ideas: Do you have an idea for an event and want to explore hosting it on Changemakers for Children and reaching more people in the community? Message us on

clicking on a websiteShare and discover opportunities

Learn about projects and initiatives you can get involved in, and find people to take part in yours. 

  • Search for current opportunities in the resource library here. We also encourage you to join a community of practice to be kept up-to-date with thematic opportunities and opt-in to our newsletters to receive invitations to platform opportunities, you can opt-in in your settings. 
  • Add your own opportunities as a ‘topic’, see here for information. 

We hope that helps you start to understand how the platform can be used further resources are available below to help you use the platform, and if you need support or want to discuss an idea, reach out to us on

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