Guide to the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Georgina Etheridge • 30 September 2021

Paicabi, in Chile, uses a Guide to the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse in its work with children (ages 6 – 11).

The first section of the Guide explores five key concepts: i) What is child sexual abuse? ii) Risk factors leading to the occurrence of child sexual abuse. iii) What happens to a child who is a victim of sexual abuse? iv) Who sexually abuses children? v) What are some common misconceptions with regards to child sexual abuse?

The second section describes the methodological foundations for a child sexual abuse prevention programme, covering the following three axes: i) Child sexual abuse. ii) Child sexual education. iii) Self-care among children.

The third and final section outlines the work of Paicabi’s educational workshops on prevention of child sexual abuse; workshop topics include: i) Learning about child sexual abuse (for parents and/or guardians). ii) That’s the way I am… child sexual education (for children aged 7 - 10). iii) Child self-care (for parents and/or guardians).

Through using this Guide Paicabi generates a conversation about child sexual abuse within schools and the wider community, across generations.