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Family for Every Child collects your name, email address, organisation at point of sign-up. This is to help verify your user account. While steps are made to ensure platform account holders are legitimate users, this cannot be guaranteed and we encourage those who are working or living in sensitive contexts to exercise caution as required in relation to using an open community platform such as Changemakers for Children. 

Information you provide will also be used in the following ways. We will also use your communities of interest to invite you to different communities of practice.  Contact details are also collected  so we can keep in touch with you about Family for Every Child and Changemakers for Children news, updates and events. If you opt into mailings, you will receive regular communications from Family for Every Child to the email address provided. You will also receive platform notifications to the provided email, as per your personal notification settings. You can manage notifications in your ‘settings’ at any time. 

Your information will be stored on the  Changemakers for Children platform, and also on MailChimp. 

You can opt out of communications and notifications at anytime in your settings, or by emailing