EN/SP/FR - Are we doing enough to protect children affected by family violence?

Filipe Meirelles
Filipe Meirelles Family for Every Child

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A virtual roundtable to call for change

Listen to what Children, Young People and CSOs have to say as experts

Family for Every Child is an alliance of 43 local civil society organisations in 37 countries. We work to ensure that more children grow up safe, protected in families, and provided quality alternative care when needed.

During and after the COVID pandemic, our alliance members have reported increased family violence affecting children. Some of these children have already experienced child abuse, including sexual abuse in families. In some contexts, children face child abuse as part of the intergenerational cycle where violent behaviour is passed on from the adult members to the children in families. 

We urgently need to strengthen our inclusive response to address family violence so that children can grow and thrive in safe and caring families. Can you help us?

Family for Every Child invites you to participate, share your views and listen to children and young people on this topic. Join this event and be part of a global call to action to protect children from family violence.

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