We hope you were able to join us for our recent webinar on the topic Kinship Care: The Formalisation Debate. If you were unable to attend, we hope you will enjoy watching the recording. We had a wide-ranging discussion around the different levels of formalisation in kinship care practice across global contexts. We heard specifically from practitioners in Brazil and South Africa, and their experiences of working within different kinship care systems. We discussed the benefits and challenges of formalising what is often a ‘natural’ process.

We are very pleased to share the recording of the event with you above - sub-titles are available in Portuguese and Spanish. 

Panelists are responding to participants' questions on the Changemakers for Children event page and would be happy to answer any more questions that you have. Stay tuned for news about our next webinar on the Importance of Recognition for Kinship Care, in June 2021.

You can also join the ongoing conversation on this topic by joining the Kinship Care Community on the Changemakers for Children platform.  

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