The scaling up low cost ECD is a project run implemented by AVSI Rwanda with the funds of UNICEF. Its aim is to promote children protection and wellbeing through low cost ECD services run by parents and community members. It was initiated to protect children whose parents were working in tea companies. The project served children from other rural district where children were exposed to abuses, exploitation and neglect.

In total the project was implemented in 15 district where 18 low cost ECDs were renovated/rehabilitated. The project provide parents and caregivers with training on positive parenting and ECDs established are seen as social laboratory where ECD experimentations are tested and scaled to the community. The evidence from the impact assessment conducted shows that children with previous experience with ECDs run by AVSI are performing well in formal schools compared to those who did not. Parents whose children went through ECDs are supporting their children's education through school visit.

In sum, the project was community centered as it viewed beneficiaries as active partners along the process of implementation, monitoring and evaluation. 

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