MAGENTA and Education Cannot Wait joined forces to support the response at the Whole of Syria level to COVID-19 and its compounded effects onto a 11-year of conflict, through the development of a multimedia package called “Nuzher”.  Developed jointly with sector members inside Syria and tested with children, caregivers and educators, the package aims at supporting the mental health and continued engagement of children as well as their caregivers and educators.

The global pandemic, and its associated restrictions of movement and disruption of services, the dramatic economic crisis deeply affected children, caregivers, and educators in Syria, who have been already dealing with the consequences of an on-going conflict and displacement for over 10 years. This led to a 42% increase of stress levels of children. To support children’s wellbeing and learning, as well as their caregivers and educators, the ‘Nuzher’ package was developed collaboratively in Arabic and Kurdish and piloted in December 2021/January 2022. 

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