How to: Add a topic or discussion

filipemeirelles Family for Every Child • 28 May 2021

Step-by-step guide: Adding topics and discussions

The below guide is also available as part of the Changemakers for Children video training series, available in English, Spanish, Arabic and Russian here.

Step 1: accessing your group

Navigate to the group you want to add a 'topic' (such as news, resource, blog, or opportunity) or 'discussion' to.  Groups can be found on the community dashboards.



Step 2: creating your topic

Click on the 'Topic' tab to add a topic, then select 'create topic' from the left hand side bar. It's the same with discussions. Navigate to the 'Discussion' tab and select to 'Create discussion'.

Note: adding a discussion means you can also add dates and a moderator.



Step 3: follow the template.

When you add a topic you need to first select what kind of topic it is e.g. is it a resource, news piece, blog or opportunity? Add a title and description. You can also add images and attachments if you want to.


Elements to take into account when writing your description:

1- Introduction

Write an introduction about the document you are sharing to the Community.

  • What is this document about?
  • Who created this document and when?
2- Highlights

Share the most relevant information about the document.

3- Your experience

Share any relevant information on your experience with that document. That way you will make sure all the key information is accessible for all languages.

Remember: Changemakers for Children has an automate translation feature, so feel free to create and upload content in your own language and help us build a truly global community.



Step 4: Select tags for your content

These categories will help others others easily find your post. Select the care setting, what community of practice it relates to and if relevant, focus areas and region.


Step 5: Publish your content

Decide if you would like to include your topic in the overarching resource library, or just share to a group. Then select save. You can always edit your topic if you need, so don’t worry if you make a mistake on your first trial.


Additional tips

You can also add topics and discussions from the main menu, as pictured. When adding content in this way, be careful to choose the right group to post it to and how visible you want it (e.g. do you want to share it to a group, the community, or publicly?)

adding content

Want to give it a try?

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