BICON 2021 | Family based alternative care formal and informal

Information on joining this session

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Family-based alternative care formal and informal

This session will start with a 5-minute plenary, then the participants will be split between the following breakout workshop groups:

  1. Specialist foster care
  2. Informal kinship care
  3. Community-based foster care


Plenary - opening and closing

  • Anju Pun - Forget me Not (Nepal)

Specialist foster care

  • Rebecca Nhep - Better Care Network (UK)
  • Anju Pun - Forget me Not (Nepal)
  • Sorn Srey Ni - Children in Families (Cambodia)
  • Chihiro Kousaka - care leaver (Japan)

Informal kinship care

  • Amanda Griffith - Family For Every Child (UK)
  • Sumanta Kar - SOS Children's Villages (India)
  • Khadijah Madihi - GSSWA/Maestral/Asia Family First (Singapore)
  • Vandhana Kandhari-  UNICEF India

Community-based foster care

  • Leena Prasad - Udayan Care (India)
  • Miho Awazu - MSW/LICSW (Japan)
  • Anuprerna Singh Kuntal - IAS Commissioner and Joint Secretary (India)
  • Muhammadiya, Anna and Ishan - Department of Child Rights (Indonesia)

Ask questions and continue the conversation

Use this thread to ask questions or share your comments about the event, both before or after the session.