Sexual violence affecting boys: global perspectives

Georgina Etheridge
Georgina Etheridge

Watch a recording of the webinar below:

How do social norms around gender influence the way boys are affected by sexual violence? 

What is being done to ensure that boys affected by sexual violence grow up in a permanent, safe and caring family or, where needed, in quality alternative care?

Sexual violence affects people of all genders, and it is vital that work is done to support everyone well. This webinar looks at specific considerations that affect boys; an area that is often lacking evidence.

Attendees will hear findings from research done by Family for Every Child member organisations  with children and young people, caregivers and professionals in Cambodia, India, Nepal and the Philippines as well as introducing emerging research from Guyana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Additionally, member organisation from Paraguay will present advocacy work they are developing in this area as part of our awareness campaign, ‘Blue Umbrella Day’ ( 

The session will be moderated by Lopa Bhattacharjee, Senior Programme Advisor at Family for Every Child. 

The duration of the event is 90 minutes, including 30 minutes of Q&A session. The event will have Spanish interpretation available. 

To see the PowerPoint presentation please click the link below: 

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