The power of civil society: launching the Changemakers for Children platform for local CSOs

Liselle Finlay Family for Every Child

Every child should have the chance to grow up in a safe and caring environment. Unfortunately, millions don’t. 

Local civil society organisations (CSOs) are experts in the challenges facing children and families in their communities and are uniquely placed to develop solutions to meet their needs. When local CSOs come together and share this expertise and knowledge, they are a powerful voice for change on a larger scale. By sharing our wisdom and learning from each other, we can make change happen faster and more effectively for children everywhere. 

In this Family for Every Child online event, we will hear examples of the successful outcomes that occur when CSOs collaborate and how Family for Every Child's new Changemakers for Children online platform aims to create a strong, global community of CSOs to create lasting change for children around the world.

Family's CEO, Amanda Griffith, will be joined by two members of the Family alliance to discuss these important issues: Rekha Nathoo, Chair of the Board of Family for Every Child and Director of CINDI (South Africa) and Omattie Madray, Family President and Director of ChildLinK (Guyana).

Discussion and presentations will be followed by Q&A and an introduction to the Changemakers for Children community platform. 

English and Spanish available

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