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Tips for getting started

Tips to get started

  1. Set-up your profile. Let other users know your expertise, interests and what country you are based in. 
  2. Choose your preferred language in the top right corner of the platform.
  3. Join a group related to your expertise and interests. Please introduce yourself to the group, and let us know what area of children’s care you’re working on. See our different groups here.  
  4. Search our resource library here and discussions here for information relevant to your work and join the conversation.
  5. Don’t see what you’re looking for? You can start your own discussions or add topics. Add them to the relevant group spaces, or post to the platform community. See the training video below or access our FAQ for more information.
  6. See if there are any events you would like to attend by checking our listings here.
  7. Connect with other members using our member discovery function, which allows you to search bu expertise, areas of interest and region. 
  8. We want to make sure this is a safe space for everyone, including the children we serve through our programmes. Read a copy of the community rules here. And remember, if you see anything that doesn’t follow our community rules, you can report it.

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