Worldwide, the number of children on the move across borders has increased significantly in the last decade.  Governments are increasingly pursuing strategies that promote returning children to their countries of origin, in theory to be re-integrated. However for many children, returning to their communities of origin is either against their wishes and best interests, or not possible. For these children, successful integration into host communities in their country of transit or destination is a priority. Some separated children may be reunified with relatives (often extended family) in a third (or destination) country. 

Across all three of these scenarios there is limited guidance on what works, especially in relation to cross-border collaboration. Practitioners are faced with balancing between the child’s wishes, their best interests, what is possible, and with what the law permits.   

About the Project

Family for Every Child has received funding from Comic Relief to carry out a 3-year project (2020-2023), which focuses on integration and reintegration of children on the move between the Middle East and Europe, with a focus on Lebanon, Greece and Germany. The project will generate learning and new knowledge and use it to create a tested practice and advocacy toolkit and to influence policy and practice change for children in focus countries, as well as the wider region. 

The project works in 2 Phases: 

  • Learning: Practitioners will be supported to review practice and existing research, share lessons, and generate new knowledge. New knowledge will include consultations with caregivers, children and young people with lived experience of the issues in Lebanon, Greece and Germany. The consultations will be carried out by Family for Every Child members METAdrasi, Naba’a and Flüchtlingsrat Niedersachsen.
  • Tools and Guidance: Phase 2 builds on this learning by developing new tools and guidance for practitioners, helping them to improve services and advocate for change more effectively. 

Community of Practice: Integration and Reintegration of Children on the Move 

The Community of Practice for the project brings together professionals with an interest in integration and reintegration of children on the move, especially between the Middle East and Europe.  The Community will be a space for the exchange of ideas and knowledge on the issues related to integration and reintegration, providing a forum for individual organisations to demonstrate and share good practice, and enable peer to peer support opportunities for ongoing professional development. 

The overall goals of the Community of Practice are to:

  • Encourage the development and extension of specialist knowledge relating to the (re)integration of children on the move, between and within the Middle East and Europe.
  • Support the development of practical guidelines / toolkit to support the integration and reintegration of children on the move.

How to join

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