No one knows how long COVID-19 will disrupt communities. While in the short term, the focus is on how we respond to the basic needs, there will be ongoing and long term consequences of the virus on health and social systems, possible financial instability and social unrest. 

This is both a risk and an opportunity. 

The risk is that hard fought for child welfare reforms could be undermined and the political will to prioritise transition into family based care may disappear, as both the formal and informal systems struggle with the aftermath of the virus. However, there is the opportunity to highlight the importance of planned closure of institutions, to develop high quality family based alternative care, to support kinship carers and care provision for children on the move. This is a global phenomenon, and rapidly changing. 

This platform space aims to capture essential to capture learning and emerging practice from one part of the world and share it more widely. You can do this by participating in one of the many group spaces, joining our online events,  and supporting your fellow community members by sharing your own relevant resources and experiences. 

Group spaces available in the Care During COVID-19 community of practice include:

  • Care-related issues and updates: This is our most general group, where we can share information about care-connected issues, as well as access information on country updates and emerging child protection issues
  • Children in Families: The COVID-19 pandemic has brought stressors for families that could lead to family separation. This group’s focus is on enabling safe and caring families, and preventing family separation,  in the context of COVID-19. 
  • Children in Alternative Care: Learn more about how to support and protect children in a range of alternative care settings in this group, and the unique challenges and considerations that COVID-19 brings.
  • Children outside of care: Learn more about how you can take steps to prevent children living outside of adult care, and in the interim, how to support and protect children without appropriate care.

Getting involved in this community

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  • See if there are any events you would like to attend
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  • We want to make sure this is a safe space for everyone, including the children we serve through our programmes. Read a copy of the community rules here